Abbot Kinney Boulevard Update During Pandemic

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Update During Pandemic

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Update During Pandemic – For those who plan to visit Los Angeles, USA, don’t forget to stop by the Abbot Kinney Boulevard. This is a place full of entertainment and fun. There are a lot of stalls and shops along the street. Unfortunately, the happy gathering should be delayed because of global pandemic. Here are two of the scheduled events to put on the list for next year’s visit.
– The First Friday
Just like the name suggest, First Friday event is scheduled for every first Friday of the month. In the other words, there will be 12 “first Friday” per year. People could enjoy performances and freshly made foods in Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Unfortunately, starting from March the First Friday is cancelled. Although disappointing, the committee keeps working to make it possible.

The foods sold in Kinney Bouleverd are from the shops around the street. They make loaves of bread; regular wheat, sourdough, and many others. Each visitor could enter the area for free and get access to all food stalls with great price. The concept of providing one access for all visitors is effective.

Hopefully, First Friday could be opened for business again on September 2020. The committee is planning for a take out system combined with food truck stall. This way, the visitors could get their favourite bread and stay safe.

– The Abbot Kinney Festival
Spending summertime in Abbot Kinney Boulevard is always meaningful. On last Sunday, the management holds a big festival on the street. Beautiful ladies in traditional and modern costume and freshly baked bread are just some of the attractions in the event.

Surely, the event makes big profit from the selling and charity programs. As this festival is held as part of Venice tradition, some of the profit will be donated to the local community or educational organizations. There is no age limitation to visit; kids area is available during the festivals.

US government has yet agreed to open business and stores, especially those who will attract mass gathering. Until the vaccine for corona virus is found, the events in Abbot Kinney will be delayed as well. Many people would miss the First Friday and the Festival held regularly by the management.