Abbot Kinney Festival is Cancelled

Abbot Kinney Festival is Cancelled

Abbot Kinney Festival is Cancelled – The 35 years old festival is cancelled because of the pandemic. This festival has been a tradition and its cancellation breaks visitors and tourist’s heart. The festival is always held on the last Sunday and known as the coolest summertime festival. This year, there will be no crowd in this boulevard.
• How This Festival Looks Like Last Year
This festival is always a success and last year is no exception. This festival spans along Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, California. GQ Magazine announces that this boulevard is the coolest block in America, so you can imagine how cool the festival was.

There were more than 300 vendors, top food booths and trucks, kids’ friendly area, music stages and also beer gardens. Everyone could enjoy the festival, including a whole family. There was a kids’ area with their music stage. For adults, they could bring their ID and wristband then accessed five beer gardens. Do you know what was best? The festival admission was free just like players can freely sign up on then play the games whenever, wherever they want.

• This Festival Cares About Environment
As one of the ways to be more responsible for the environment, the committee gave some facilities that may reduce carbon emissions. Visitors might use carpool so the number of cars can be alleviated. The also provided free bike valet stations so they could encourage visitors to ride the bike to decrease the gas emission.

To ease the transportation and at the same time reduce gas emission, Abbot Kinney committee provided bus and shuttle, so the visitors didn’t need to walk too far to and from the parking area. The shuttle was free and visitors only need to wait in some points so they could pick you up.

Abbot Kinney Festival

The visitors also could reach the festival by metro since the location is accessible. The committee also encourages visitors to use public transportation to reduce car numbers and pollution. It makes Abbot Kinney festival as an environmental-care festival.

So many things from Abbot Kinney festival will be missed so much this year. May this pandemic ends soon so that next year we can enjoy the summertime at this festival.