Bracken Jewelers, a Heaven for the Rare and Beautiful Jewelry

Bracken Jewelers, a Heaven for the Rare and Beautiful Jewelry

The area of Abbot Kinney Boulevard is very well-known for its alluring shopping spots. Among them, there are also lots of souvenir shops which offer various beautiful and incredible stuff. One of them is the Bracken Jewelers, a heaven for the rare and beautiful jewelry you could not resist.

  • What is the Bracken Jewelers?
    The first incredible souvenir store near the Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the Bracken Jewelers. This store is located in Saint Monica, particularly at Lincoln Boulevard Venice. The Bracken Jewelers would be such a heaven for the people who fall in love with beautiful and amazing jewelry.

Basically, the Bracken Jewelers are expert in diamond and also colored stones including sapphire, ruby, emerald, and birthstones. The staffs of the Bracken Jewelers are very passionate about creatively design and manufacture various amazing jewelry. The workshop includes the engagement ring, wedding bands, wedding rings, custom-made, eternity rings, birthstone rings, crest rings, signet rings, and many more.

Furthermore, this company claims that they are also expert in mounting, settings, anklets, brooches, pins, bracelets, chains, jewelry repair, bridal, enameling, earrings, charms, and also accessories. Wanting to redesign your lovely jewelry or watches? The Bracken Jewelers is also the master of jewelers and watchmakers and repair as well as remodel the jewelry or watches.

The workshop includes the platinum filigree, laser wedding, diamond cutting, engraving, and pearl stringing. Every workshop of this company such as watch repair or jewelry remodeling will be guaranteed. So, the clients will not be worried about the qualities of the work.

  • What does the Bracken Jewelers Offer to its Customers?
    As stated in the website of this company, the Bracken Jewelers aims to buy, sell, as well as appraise the antique and estate jewelry including Edwardian, art deco, Victorian rings, and art nouveau. Further, this company also provides a vast collection of a watch. The collection includes Vacheron, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hamilton, Constantine, Elgin, Jaeger Le Coultre, Illinois and other kinds of vintage and antique watches.

Regarding the gold production used by the Bracken Jewelers, this company’s gold mine is located in northern California and it produces 20 karats, natural, pure, California gold. On the hands of the Bracken JewelersÆ staffs, the gold will be turned into unique California gold wedding rings and bands you could not resist. Besides, this company also creates many handmade pieces of jewelry with rose gold, green gold, white gold, platinum, gold quartz, natural California placer gold, and sterling silver. All of the creations are formed with the creative custom design you could discuss in the company’s movie studio.

So, that is about the Bracken Jewelers, a heaven for the rare and beautiful jewelry you could not resist. This shop will guarantee that every customer enter the store will not go outside without buying anything.