The Aura Shop, the Coolest Souvenir Shop in Abbot Kinney Boulevard

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People who intend to come to the area of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and around must have an aim to get some cool stuff for them or for their acquaintance. There is one recommended souvenir shop. It is the Aura Shop, the coolest souvenir shop in Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

The Aura Shop and Its Eco-Conscious Commitment
Aura Shop is located at 2714 Main Street Santa Monica. This is basically a spiritual shop, reiki, and souvenir shop. The Aura Shop aims to empower its clients, local, and global community by supplying metaphysical tools such as gemstone jewelry, crystals, supplements, ascension-energy therapy, angel and tarot decks, CDs, books, and many other things.
The energy practitioners of this company are expert in reiki, crystal therapy, sound therapy, aura and chakra reading and healing, past-life reading and healing, theta healing, angel guidance, and many more. Furthermore, the Aura Shop is committed to being a Certified Sustainable Business.

Its conscious about recycling materials are proved by having 95% LED lighting, recycled paper materials, and many other actions. The certificate of eco-conscious has been given by the City of Santa Monica since the nine years ago. The Aura Shop asserts that its company will be continuing the eco-conscious endeavors in the future ahead.

The Aura Shop Incredible Products
Regarding the products you can grab form this store, there are so incredible collections you cannot resist. The new arrival products of the Aura Shop include Angel Aura Chalcedony Concho, Aqua Aura Quartz DT Wand, Angel Aura Quartz DT Wand, Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz, Prismatic McEarl Mine Lemurian Quartz and many more. All of them are very appealing and will not let you go outside from the store without bringing one or more of them.

Besides, there are so many collections of luxe home decor, polished stones, aura crystals, and many more. The most favorite product is the polished stones. The polished stones are considered very beautiful and have a very high of a value.

The collection of the polished stones includes Labradorite Heart Polished Stone, Lodolite Phantom Quartz 7-3-7, Nuummite Skull, Violet Flame Amethyst Crystal, Violet Flame Amethyst Crystal, Bolivian Amethyst Point, Blue-Green Fluorite Palm Stone, Spider Web Obsidian Skull, Hematite Quartz Crystal Skull, and many other attractive polished stones.

Further, the featured products in this store include the sixth sense smudge wand, rainbow aura agate slice, tensile celestial aura crystal pendulum, and chakra candy crystal wax melts.
That is the explanation pertaining to the Aura Shop, the coolest souvenir shop in Abbot Kinney Boulevard. This store must be included in your shopping store lists.