The Most Alluring Shopping Spots in Abbot Kinney Boulevard USA

Ilan Dei Venice

Who does not know the area of the Abbot Kinney Boulevard USA? This is one of the most iconic spots to visit in California. In this boulevard, you will be able to find many attractive shopping stores where you will spend lots of money. Among them, there are the most alluring shopping spots in Abbot Kinney Boulevard USA. So, what are they?

1. Ilan Dei Venice
Are you interested in outdoor modern living style? This shop might be one of the best shops in Abbot Kinney Boulevard which can accommodate your interest. The Ilan Dei Venice is able to provide urban outdoor furniture as well as planters. Its collection is exhibited in a contemporary space.

All of the stuff provided in this store are all designed and created in California. Besides the stuff related to outdoor design favors, this store also sells jewelry, apparel, and smaller tabletop items which can bring the nuance of California living into the home.

2. Toms Venice
Toms Venice was actually a company founded to provide shoes for children in need. This company has donated over than sixty million pairs of shoes to children by the means of a program namely ‘One for One’. This program’s concept is that every pair of shoes which the company sells means that the company will donate items to children around the world, especially the children in need.

Currently, this company is center for the brands’ signature shoes, eyewear, and accessories as well. The more value of this store is that it also has a coffee counter and creative space which will let many people enjoy the perfect weather and situation of Southern California.

3. Burro
Burro is the perfect place to buy various stuff with a California aesthetic to bring home. In this store, you can find so many things such as candles, clothing, cards, jewelry, to coffee table books. All of them can be the great hostess gifts or souvenirs.

Do you want to buy something for your little ones? There is a sister shop od the Burro namely the Baby Burro. In this sister store, you will be able to get many choices of cute blankets, baby clothes, toys, and the likes, with the great quality of course.

Those are the most alluring shopping spots in Abbot Kinney Boulevard USA. Those three stores should be listed when you are planning to visit California.