Where to Eat and Shop in Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Where to Eat and Shop in Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Where to Eat and Shop in Abbot Kinney Boulevard – Enjoying the beach and all the crowd while walking casually will sure make you hungry and thirsty. However when it comes to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, these two problems are never an issue. You can always get into one of the doors to get excellent servings. Among the so many options available, the following spots are totally worth a try.

– Felix Trattoria
This is an Italian restaurant, and it is very popular in the area. If you ever heard of places like Bucato, Rustic Canyon, and Spago, you will be delighted that the chef who has done with those restaurants is cooking for Felix Trattoria right now. You can wait for your ordered handmade pasta while playing online poker for dinner.

Chef Evan Funke makes brilliant cooking that the restaurant is always buzzing. It is best to make reservations first, so you can sit and wait for you best oxtail ragu cacio e pepe. Just as soon as you get in, you can taste the Italian fare.

– The Brig
This is a popular bar for the neighborhood. It was once a dive bar, but it receives a little facelift two years ago. You can find a pool table for a little fun while you are out drinking with friends. You can also dance on one of songs played by the juke box. While they are less lustrous now, the stainless steel fittings are still there and you will love it.

The entire look of the bar is sleeker today, but you will thick culture of the neighborhood in this bar. Bunch of locals will pop in during the happy hour, and this place will be warmly crowded with familiar regulars ordering drinks.

– Bazar
This boutique has been there for like two decades and it is still as inviting as ever. Tina Wakino, the owner, still manages to offer both carefully chosen pieces as well as the casual classics. European and Japanese flairs are too obvious to miss here, and you will love the jewelry, furniture, and fabrics displayed here. While the place is very welcoming, the vintage collections are too awesome.

If you happen to visit the neighborhood and plan to spend the day in it, these three spots are totally worth your visit. Know the locals, enjoy the menu, and shop something unique to bring home. You still get to enjoy the beach atmosphere while being in an excellent place and wonderful things to enjoy and buy.