First Friday on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, USA

First Friday on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, USA

First Friday on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, USA – Just imagine that there are various food trucks as long as the boulevard. That’s what you will get in Abbot Kinney Boulevard every first Friday each month. Food, people, and beach atmosphere are the perfect combo to spend your Friday afternoon.

• International Cuisine in Dozens Food Truck
Sometimes, you just want to get different food at once for dinner, but, of course, it means you will spend more than usual. This may be your way to get a taste of many cuisines at once without really spend that much.

First Friday in Abbot Kinney with the dozens food truck will be ready for you to start from five pm. The price? You know that food-truck food will cost you less than a take away from the restaurant. So, save some money to spend in the next first Friday.

The committee posts the list of participated food truck also the map location in their social media. So, you can plan out where you want to start. However, you can always just come and start your tummy adventure anywhere you want. Enjoy the stroll and also any food you want.

• Support Local Restaurant as Well

Well, Abbot Kinney also has some best local restaurants which will be open in the time of Frist Friday. So you can get more option. You can see their menu before entering the restaurant and sit nicely inside while waiting for your food. This way, you can avoid the crowd and enjoy your food slowly.

• Benches and Restrooms are Nearby

The committee provides you with some benches and restrooms in the Palms Boulevard. So, you can bring your food there and eat comfortably. However, please keep the environment clean so other visitors can use the bench after you. If going there is a pain since you may still need to buy other food, you can always hang out on the street side and enjoy your food. Just make sure that you will not block the road.

This event may be cancelled nowadays, so many people miss it already, including the food truck owner. Let’s hope for the best so the First Friday will be held again and we can enjoy much food at once. Stay healthy and see you in the next event.