Shopping Spots You Should not Miss in Abbot Kinney Boulevard the USA

Tortoise General Store

There is no doubt that many people cannot resist the eagerness to do shopping. For some people, shopping could help them to release all of the burdens they have. Hence, the area of Abbot Kinney Boulevard must be a ‘heaven’ for such shopping lover people. These are three shopping spots you should not miss in Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

1. Tortoise General Store
The Tortoise General Store is a boutique which provides Japanese housewares. This store is located at 1208 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice, CA 90291. This beautiful boutique is operated by a modern lifestyle expert namely Jenni Kayne.
In the Tortoise General Store, you will be able to find fantastic tea towels, brass pens, minimalist stationery, and much other interesting stuff. Apparently, there is a website namely By accessing this website, you will be able to see what the Tortoise General Store has.

2. Surfing Cowboys
Despite the fact that this store is located outside the office of the Venice border, the Surfing Cowboys store is worth to be mentioned. This store is apparently relocated from the area od Abbot Kinney to the area of Mar Vista.
So, why does the Surfing Cowboys store deserve to be discussed? It is because the Surfing Cowboys is a legendary vintage store which is able to portray the soul of Venice. In this incredible store, you and members will be able to find surfboards, decor, furniture, and other cool things to buy. If you want to get any information regarding the Surfing Cowboys and what stuff it may offer, you can directly access its website namely

3. General Store
The next store that you should not miss when visiting the Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the General Store. This store will not let you go out from it without buying anything. It is because you will want to buy many of its products. You can find the collection by visiting its website namely
In this store, you will be able to find a selection of beautiful and unique stuff for women, men, children, and your home. All of the pieces will feel very “California”. The products provided in this great store include beaded keychains, Earth Tu face beauty products, woven baskets, a detacher hairy pillow, and other appealing stuff which will lure you to buy them.
Those are three shopping spots you should not miss in Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Various interesting stuff will be available in the stores.