The Best Guide to Visit Abbot Kinney Boulevard in USA

The Best Guide to Visit Abbot Kinney

Having a plan to go on vacation to a place like the Abbot Kinney Boulevard must be balanced with careful planning. Making a trip to go on vacation in general does require a variety of preparations. Starting from transportation facilities, places that you want to visit, lodging reservations, small things that are also important to the culture that applies at the destination.

Because if we go to a place even if only for a few moments without knowing the culture of the destination, it will make us labeled as someone who is not good. Even more miserable, our country will also be labeled badly because of our negligence who did not make a little observation.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard itself is one of the most visited tourist destinations for various reasons. With its nickname as the coolest place in the United States, it is very attractive for the arrival of various kinds of foreign tourists

How to get to Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Prepare your GPS mode and let’s adventure. Arriving in California, you can get ready immediately. The address that you can enter into the GPS is Abboy Kinney Bouleard and Venice Blvd, 90291. The location of Abbot Kinney Boulevard is in the district a few miles from Venice Boulevard to the main road in Venice, California.

Using Public Transportation Equipment

There are public transportation tools that you can use to arrive at the Kinney Boulecard Abbot. You can just look for the Metro Rapid Line 733 in the direction to Santa Monica then stop and get off at the Abbot Kinney Boulevard Library branch stop at the corner of the Kinney Abbot & Venice Boulevards.

The Expo Line will stop at Santa Monica. Take the big # 1 blue Santa Monica Bus to the Kinney and Venice Abbots or on the main road.

In addition to using the bus or metro, you can even head to Abbot Kinney Boulevard by using a bicycle. While enjoying the surrounding environment and exercising. You can rent a bicycle to use all day from bicycle rental stations located in several places. If you want to find out more details, please download your android phone application with the name LA Metro Bike Share and Santa Monica Bike Share.

Abbot Kinney is very friendly to the tenants. There is a parking lot in front of one of the best drinking places at the Kinney Boulevard Abbot named Gjelina. After parking your bicycle you can take a moment to quench your thirst and taste wine and beer that are very enjoyable at Gjelina. But you have to come very early because your favorite drinking place is always busy from customer activities.